Kitchen Cabinet medicine: Melt away winter SAD (seasonal affected disorder)

Find the natural happy booster in your kitchen!

As days gets shorter and colder, are you feeling a bit more blue? well, it isn’t just you, it is our innate hormonal system secreted from pituitary gland and hypothalamus in respond to decreased stimuli and increased discomforts. this is a very common physiological response to 40% daylight disappear in your day.

To decrease feeling sluggish:
– Add cinnamon, ginger, black pepper to your food.
– Drink tea or water to stay hydrated; try cinnamon, chai, orange spice, green tea, or my favorite “white x-mas tea”.

Overcome the sensation of feeling down and low: 
 Simply add a bit more spice and a bottle of sun (Vit D) to your daily routine. 
– Add root vegetables like beets, carrots, sweet potatoes, radish in your diet.
These are vegetables that provide nutrients supporting blood sugar balance, endocrine balance by nourishing the blood and spleen in Chinese medicine.
– Reduce sugar or simple carbohydrate consumption.
Simple sugar is considered a glue like substance that slow down your metabolism in addition to many other undesired health side effects like mood swing, weight gain, speed up aging process.