MY MISSION: Transform your health 

So many people I know have accepted and choose to cope with not feeling well by taking medications to mask the symptoms. The problem is, not every ailment will scream to you in discomfort. Many are quieter changes that have taken place over months and years. It is and certainly can be a daunting task to take your health into your own hands with little training. That’s where I come in.

I’m on a mission to transform and optimize your health, quality of life and wellbeing!

As a naturopathic physician, I believe in using minimal intervention to restore health by addressing the root cause(s) of illness while strengthening the body’s innate healing ability in the prevention.  The current medical system is built around symptomatic and pharmaceutical oriented temporary solutions. Many seemingly complex illnesses share similar patterns and triggers. With limited collaborative management in healthcare providers, the missing yet fundamental components to wellness are often overlooked.  It is my job to solve your puzzles, dig into root causes, and guide your maladapted organs to regain vitality and wellness. 

I am specialized in using bio-identical hormones, nutrients and herbal medicine to modify age-related diseases especially neurocognitive related, such as dementiaAlzheimer’s disease, and others include:

  • Cardiovascular illness (hypertension, atherosclerosis, erectile dysfunction)
  • Environmental illness(heavy metal intoxication)
  • Digestive illness (acid reflux, leaky gut syndrome)
  • Lyme disease, CIRS (chronic inflammatory response syndrome)
  • Hormonal and endocrine imbalances (type II diabetes, menopause, andropause, obesity, and autoimmune diseases)

I am looking forward to helping you achieve a better you!


Best in health,

Dr. Monica Xu, ND


Background training

Dr. Monica Xu has completed a four-year medical training at Bastyr University, leading innovation in natural medicine with additional training under the New England School of Homeopathy. Prior to her career in naturopathic medicine, she worked with CDC epidemiologists conducting research projects regarding iron deficiency-related disease in West Africa and holds a bachelor’s degree in nutritional science from Pennsylvania State University.

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“I approached Dr. Monica because I had issues with missed and late periods (which later diagnosed as PCOS)..Dr. Monica helped me by getting my period perfectly on track within 3 months from my first visit. She also made a clear picture of the short and long term goal in her approach to get my hacky hormones in balance. I believe she is not afraid to take different approaches to help any issues that may arise along the way and with patience, there will be a greater chance to see amazing results!

My experience with Dr. Monica has been a great one that I will never forget. Its unfortunate that I wouldn’t be able to visit her anymore since shes moved, but I totally recommend her.
Thank you Monica! 

-Maryanne Gardner “

“I approached Dr.Monica at because I was feeling very unwell, Monica helped me by doing some tests and we found out what the problem was and how it was effecting me, I have a very bad bacteria in my intestines that I had no idea about, she got me on to numerous supplements and I’m finally starting to feel so much better, the one thing I liked was how caring she was even when I was emailing her out of work hours she took the time to email me back about concerns I had in how I was feeling etc I found the experience very good very helpful and I would recommend Monica to anyone who unsure with why there feeling well. 
~ Camille 🙂 “