“My mission is to optimize your vitality, quality of life, and wellbeing!”

Dr. Xu is a U.S. trained naturopathic doctor who CHOOSES the best conventional and natural therapies when treating chronic illnesses. Dr. Xu believes in treating the whole person rather than the illness. She specializes in using nontoxic, natural compounds to promote the healing of many age-related degenerative conditions, including:

  • Brain health (Alzheimer’s disease and prevention)
  • Heart health (hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, atherosclerosis)
  • Digestive health(acid reflux, bloating, food intolerances, SIBO)
  • Hormonal imbalances (type II diabetes, estrogen dominance syndrome, PCOS, menopause, low testosterone, obesity, and adrenal dysfunctions)
  • Environmental illness (mold illness)

Although Dr. Xu has the privilege to prescribe pharmaceutical drugs, she prefers to use natural hormones, medicinal herbs, compounded vitamins, and minerals to support and rejuvenate cellular function.

Through an integrative approach, many patients have reclaimed their ownership of health, regained their confidence, and the joy of life!

Educations and Backgrounds

Dr. Xu completed a four-year medical training at Bastyr University, a leading innovative school in natural medicine. Previously, Dr. Xu worked with CDC epidemiologists conducting research projects including perinatal mortality associated with iron deficiency anemia in West Africa. She holds a bachelor’s degree in nutritional science from Pennsylvania State University. 

Outside of work, Dr. Xu leads an active lifestyle as an avid jogger and swimmer. She also likes exploring different neighborhoods and trying out new things.


Fluent in English and Chinese (Mandarin)


  • Certified Peptide Provider, AMMG
  • Certified Age Management Medicine Provider, AMMG
  • Certified ReCODE Provider for reversing Alzheimer’s disease, IFM


  • Age Management Medicine Group (AMMG) 
  • California Naturopathic Doctor Association (CNDA) 
  • International Peptide Society (IPS) 
  • The American Osteopathic Association of Prolotherapy Regenerative Medicine (AOAPRM)


胥医师在美国有近20年的学习和工作经验。胥医师先毕业于宾夕法尼亚洲立大学临床营养学 (Pennsylvania State University),随后就读并毕业于美國巴斯帝爾大學(Bastyr University)自然医学博士。先持有加州自然医学医师临床医师执照(Licensed naturopathic doctor)。胥医师善于倾听患者病情,解读分析血检报告,结合处方药,搭配个人化的治疗方针。 从改善、减缓病情并提高自身身体器官代谢功能入手,帮助患有慢性病的和亚健康的人群恢复体内平衡。


  • 心血管(高血压、高血脂、新陈代谢候症、心血管老化)
  • 内分泌(甲状腺失调、男性和女性荷尔蒙失调, 肾上腺素功能衰退)
  • 妇科疾病(卵巢疾病和功能失调、经期前综合症、子宫肌瘤, 更年期)
  • 消化道(肠易激综合征、小肠细菌过度生长、胃食道逆流、便秘)
  • 阿茲海默症初期干预和预防
  • 其他方面包括但不限于:细胞净化 – 排除体内重金属和环境激素以及代谢废物等

自然医学(Naturopathic medicine)在传统西医以基础,结合论证医学(Evidence based medicine), 针对亚健康和慢性病有独特的分析、管理和治疗介入方针。在美国取得临床自然医学执照的医师虽然与西医一样拥有处方权,但自然医学医师更侧重于在对病人病情和病史全面了解基础上,同患者找到病根,并给予相对的治疗方针。自然医学医师选择结合检测结果及有效的非药物疗法,包括草本植物提取物、复合补充计提取物、和调理饮食习惯为治疗核心,一同帮助病人改善症状、远离疾病。大多数传统医学博士专于手术、晚期疾病和急诊,自然医学医师尊重其他医生职业特长同时,一起合作携手帮助患者改善身体健康、延缓及逆转疾病的发展。


第一步:电话预约 问诊日期和时间




第一次问诊病人(First office visit)60 分钟问诊时间

回访病人(Follow up visits)30 分钟 问诊时间

我们建议邮件为最好的沟通方式。 如有问题,我们会及时回复帮您解答。

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“I went to see MONICA XU in the summer of 2017.

Dr. Monica was so kind and understanding.  She never tried to overprescribe. She was knowledgeable and always professional.

I would thoroughly recommend Dr. MONICA XU to anyone seeking an extremely knowledgeable naturopath – who also cares and understands!”


“I approached Dr.Monica at because I was feeling very unwell, Monica helped me by doing some tests and we found out what the problem was and how it was effecting me, I have a very bad bacteria in my intestines that I had no idea about, she got me on to numerous supplements and I’m finally starting to feel so much better, the one thing I liked was how caring she was even when I was emailing her out of work hours she took the time to email me back about concerns I had in how I was feeling etc I found the experience very good very helpful and I would recommend Monica to anyone who unsure with why there feeling well. 
~ Camille 🙂 “