Kitchen cabinet medicine: Simple solution to vaginal candidasis

That burning itch down there, straining sensation when use the bathroom. What some women don’t feel comfortable talking about yet desperately bothered — a very angry, upset vagina. With most common one being Candida as the intruder, it can linger and return even after treatment.

So, what is it you can do to prevent recurrence or reduce symptoms and move on in your day to day life?

Simple, and it is low cost. Coconut oil! you can get this ingredient at almost anywhere, any supermarket. It is highly antimicrobial, soothing, and rich in nutrients to facilitate healing. Simply make a suppository or balm and apply it topically overnight. You may also make it with essential oils or other herbal infusions under supervision. Some essential oils are toxic or dangerous if used at high level. Please consult your local health providers for detailed guidelines.