May 8, 2019

“So I went back to Palm Springs Life Extension to get a PRP facial by Dr. Monica.  It’s also known as the vampire facial. She was excellent. I have a high-intensity makeup mirror in my bathroom and I would get depressed looking at all the little scars I’ve accumulated over my almost 60 years. After three weeks, these scars have gone away!  My skin looks amazing! Dr. Monica is so nice. She walked me through the process and explained everything. The procedure is supposed to keep showing improvements for weeks. I’m so lucky to have stumbled on Dr. Chein’s oasis!

-Allison D., Studio City, CA”

April 1, 2019

“After Suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure for 10 years, I was having problems with arousing and stimulating foreplay, and coitus was becoming more and more difficult. The use of Viagra and Cialis was minimal effective during this time period. After seeing GAINSWave commercial on TV my wife and I decided that I should give it a try. After several weeks of treatments and also starting the testosterone therapy, we noticed a dramatic increase in stimulation, arousal, and firmness and more complete and effective ejaculation response. At this time my wife and I are very happy with the results and we look forward to a satisfying continuation of our married life.

Yours Truly,

Robert T Reyes, CA”

November 7, 2018

“I am approaching 60 years old and as we know at that age 60% of men can experience E.D.I also am a two-time cancer survivor in which I have both testicles removed and through the years have done some damage in that area as well and have some Peyronie’s disease. So, I have the trifecta so to speak. At my age, most men’s testosterone drops, but with my cancer surgeries I cannot make testosterone anymore and I have to administer cream now, but still feel my libido has diminished along with amounts of erections and hardness. I researched on the internet various things that seemed like scams and came across Gainswave. The testimonies, a lot like this one really made me believe that the procedure could work. I was still skeptical when I wrote and called the Life Extension Institute in Palm Springs, which is the only place that actually has Gainswave in the whole Coachella Valley. I made an appointment and though still skeptical went and met with Dr. Monica Xu, who is a Naturopath. I was impressed with her knowledge of the human anatomy and very simple way she explains the procedure of Gainswave, which I knew a little about from watching some informative videos online. I signed up for the procedure and with such a delicate subject to approach that can be embarrassing for men of all ages, I was amazed how professional and courteous the staff was and how they made you feel relaxed and at home. After my first session I must say that I felt that I might have more blood flow in that area and after six sessions, I definitely could tell a difference in my erections, sensitivity and my Peyronie’s disease dissipating. I now feel more confident in this area of my life, which is a huge stress relief and am very thankful for Dr. Xu, the Life Extension Institute and the amazing Gainswave procedure they administer.

-Chris Y., Indio, CA”

“As a patient with high blood pressure and taking multiple medications, I was pleased that the GainsWave treatment was successful in improving my erections as well as my sexual performance and satisfaction.  For patients with heart issues, I recommend GainsWave as a potential solution to their ED problems.  Thank you.

S. F., Coachella Valley, CA

“..I had issues with missed and late periods (which later diagnosed as PCOS) ; Dr. Monica helped me by getting my period perfectly on track within 3 months from my first visit. She also made a clear picture of the short and long term goal in her approach to get my hacky hormones in balance. I believe she is not afraid to take different approaches to help any issues that may arise along the way and with patience, there will be a greater chance to see amazing results!

My experience with Dr. Monica has been a great one that I will never forget. Its unfortunate that I wouldn’t be able to visit her anymore since she’s moved, but I totally recommend her.

Thank you Dr. Monica! I will continue with the tinctures and supplements!

Maryanne Gardner, Hong Kong

July, 2017

“… I was feeling very unwell, Dr. Monica helped me by doing some tests and we found out what the problem was and how it was affecting me, I have a very bad bacteria in my intestines that I had no idea about, she got me on to numerous supplements and I’m finally starting to feel so much better, the one thing I liked was how caring she was even when I was emailing her out of work hours she took the time to email me back about concerns I had in how I was feeling etc I found the experience very good very helpful and I would recommend Monica to anyone who unsure with why they’re feeling well. 

Camille 🙂 Hong Kong

“I went to see MONICA XU in the summer of 2017. I had a terrible problem with my hair falling out.

Previously I had had a battery of tests by my doctor here in Hong Kong. It was discovered that I had very high arsenic levels.  My doctor suggested I undertake chelation to remove this heavy metal. This regime would take 6-9 months. An alarming length of time when my hair was getting terribly thin.

I then went to see Dr. Monica here in Hong Kong.
After due consideration, she suggested I seek out ‘far infrared sauna’ which would remove the heavy metals if taken regularly without the need for the chelation. And in a much shorter time frame.

As I had to go outside her practice to find this sauna – Monica kindly phoned the sauna business to confirm that this was the correct type of sauna. I have recently been tested and my 99.9 arsenic percentile has now reduced to 26.5 percentile –  I feel wonderful and my hair loss has stopped completely and my hair is regrowing wonderfully.

Monica was so kind and understanding.  She never tried to overprescribe. She was knowledgeable and always professional.

I would thoroughly recommend MONICA XU to anyone seeking an extremely knowledgeable naturopath – who also cares and understands!

Linda, Hong Kong


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