Cure for diabetes

There is a cure for diabetes. Are you aware of it?

Diabetes has been an ongoing health problem associated with cardiovascular and neuroendocrine health. Physicians have been taught to control blood sugar with pharmaceutical drugs or insulin injections. Their goal is to slow down the disease and minimize damages from chronically elevated blood sugar.

Many diabetes patients end up with a crutch for the rest of their life and yet, their bodies are still getting worse by the day. What’s more painful isn’t diabetes but the effects of poorly managed blood sugar. If you are struggling with this, you know exactly what it’s like, leg cramps, uncontrollable anger bursts, mood swings, drowsiness (sugar crash) after eating carbohydrate meals, lack of vitality and enthusiasm in your day to day life. The older we get, the higher risk of getting diabetes or blood sugar intolerance.

It’s empirical to have a proper workup to investigate, identify and remove the cause of your diabetes, starting with your gut. Many people develop leaky gut long before they become diabetes. A single insult, whether it is antibiotic or E. Coli infection, can trigger and produce enough harm to our enterocytes in our gut. Once your guts become permeable, all kinds of “foreign” food proteins are able to leak through your gut barrier, into the blood stream. One of the most and over talked about one, the main cause of diabetes, is gliadin’s subclass. Like a virus, gliadin’s chemical structure mimic pancreatic beta cells. Once it gets to the blood stream, it trigger immune reaction to attack your own pancreas. Your pancreas then loose its function overtime and you become diabetic.

This is how you cure it.

First, heal your leaky gut. A serum analysis can identify if you are gluten sensitive, or have developed leaky gut. Once identified your cause, change of dietary intake and adding nutrients that fuels your gut linings (amino acids, probiotics, colostrum and L-carnitine, etc) for a minimal of one year. Meanwhile, regenerate your organs and enhancing your innate healing ability with growth hormone. Different than any nutraceuticals or drugs, growth hormone is a bio-identical hormone. Benefits of it is endless. From regenerating and improving your liver, pancreas, kidney, gastrointestinal, adrenal, thyroid, and heart function, to enhance your cognitive function, you’ll have better digestion, sleep, energy, strength, and vitality.