Three simple things YOU NEED to do while taking antibiotics

Many of us cringe as we hear that word.
We all remember the unpleasant experience of lethargic, loss of appetite, constipation, metallic taste and miserable feeling on top of feeling sick.
Is there anything YOU CAN DO to mimize these unpleasant side effects and move on with your daily life as usual?
Why should you do what is suggested below?
When we are taking antibiotics, it is like a massacare killing all the bacteria in your body, good and bad. As your body going through a phase of healing and detoxification, it is best to provide the best support we could to fasten the recovering phase.
It doesn’t take a lot, YOU can help yourself by the following:
1. MAXIMIZE RESTING TIME to allow your body to recover and maximize immunity. It is recommended getting seven to eight hours of restful sleep per night.
2. EAT YOUR GREENS. A hearty diet full of green vegetable and minimize the intake of pre-packaged, processed foods.
3. REHYDRATE. Drink at least 2 liters of water. Your body demandss more fluid to flush out the debris and toxins that created from the battles of immune system with the invaded cells. .
If you like to speed up the recovery even faster, CHALLENGE yourself to do a 7 day no sugar detox.
How about PreBiotics and Probiotics? Wouldn’t it make sense to reintroduce your gut with good healthy bacteria?
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