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How old are you, Really?

The concept of aging has evolved dramatically in the last two decades. We used to believe decline of function is the “natural” way to age.

You could be 50 but look like you are 43 ..or 62. How old are you, really?

Recent scientific studies have found we are able to influence our biological age (forward or backward) by manipulating how well our genes perform through a process called DNA methylation.

The researches conclude through optimize gene performance, people are able to achieve younger biological age, look and feel better than their chronological age.

What is your TruAge?

Chronological age is defined by the number of years a person has lived.
It is based on passage of time.
It does NOT reflect how well your body function.
It can NOT be changed by lifestyle and other modifiable factors.

Biological age is also known as physiological age.
It is an indicator of your healthspan.
It measures the functions of your cells.
It can be influenced by lifestyle and eating habits.

Discover your TruAge.

Why GENE therapy?

Does GENE therapy help me to…?

Reverse process of aging — YES!
Improve immune function — YES!
Improve cognitive function and mental clarity — YES!

This program also helps you to

  • Increase your metabolism and energy
  • Improve your cardiovascular fitness level and performance
  • Decreased risk of cancer, dementia, heart attack, hypertension, diabetes, respiratory illness and fall.

Overall increased quality of life!

Getting Started with GENE therapy

We aren’t getting any younger… Or could we?

Gene therapy utilizes cutting edge testing to assess your current biological age. With a personalize treatment plan to optimize your gene performance and reduce your risk of age-related illnesses (hypertension, diabetes, weight gain, poor memory, cancer, poor digestion, etc ) and turn back your biological clock!

Overview of the program

1. Evaluation and assessment of your case
In-depth evaluation on your intake (health history questionnaire) and review of your current health issues, goals and lifestyle habits.

2. Collecting baseline data
Laboratory testing for key hormone levels and in-office physical exam to establish your current health index.

3. Review key findings and treatment plan (based on your test results, health history, health goals and available resources).

4. On going support
Periodic lab testing and evaluations to maintain or adjust treatment plans as needed.

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