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Many patients have come to see her because they have tried multiple doctors and are still suffering. What is different about her treatments is that at this institute, she emphasizes treating the person who has the illness rather than the disease itself.  

Who may benefit from Dr. Monica’s care?

Men or women experiencing low energy, loss of sex drive or sexual dysfunction, rapid or excessive weight gain, Low T levels, loss of muscle mass due to low testosterone, extreme fatigue, inability to sleep, hot flashes, joint pain, slow recovery from workouts, lack of enthusiasm for life, irritability, mood swings or depression.

Are you looking to restore your energy levels?

Are you interested in getting back your enthusiasm for living, boost your sex drive, increase lean muscle mass, lose excess body fat and weight, trim your waist, reduce stress, sleep better?

Do you want to improve your vision and memory, reduce wrinkles, thicken your hair, look younger and feel younger?

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